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Choosing the correct domain-name for your business.

Choosing the correct domain-name

A philosopher once said - ‘what’s in a name’; but when choosing the correct domain name for your business, this could be the key to your success. In this modern digital world. the "WWW" or the "World Wide Web" as we now know it, has uncountable websites and they are increasing rapidly on a day by day basis. So, if you want to help your business to the top of the search engines, you may need to be a little more selective about your business’ domain name than you had originaly thought.

Here are 5 tips you may want bear in mind:

1. It has to be short and related to your business niche - make sure you choose the closest available domain name possible.

2. Additionally, the name needs to be catchy and memorable if possible, or people won’t be able to remember it.

3. Choose the correct extension for your domain name for maximum efficiency. Example:

If you plan on starting up a car repair business, then your domain name could be, make sure you steer away from domain-names like as such names can be harder to identify.

4. Furthermore, you should try to to use a related keyword in the domain name for better SEO results. Just like in the previous example: ‘car repair’ could then also become your seed keyword for the website, this will assist your online marketing for your website too and help you get found on the search engines.

5. Try to avoid hyphens or numbers in your domain, thats because they can often be misunderstood by the user or your viewer. Going back to our example, you would not want a name like unless you have the additonal branding and marketing budget to invest in marketing it.

Significantly, choosing a domain name is like creating a brand or logo for your business. It needs to feel right. Research it, try several domain name providers, compare pricing then you may find the best domain-name first time round. You need to research and purchase the right domain name before anyone else steals it away from you, otherwise you may end up having to buy it back from an online broker and that could prove to be an expensive excercise.

Finally, when you have the right domain-name in your basket, don't waste time thinking about it as this may result in someone else securing it before you do. Buy it and let the journey begin. Remember even the longest journey always starts with the first step.

SEO Flatrate provides a wide range of services for all types of online businesses throughout the UK and for most English speaking countries globally. We offer bespoke consultation for startups as well as established businesses. We can assist you in securing your domain name for your new business idea. Feel free to contact us today for a free consultation and to help you get your business off the ground.

If you would like to hear more about our services please contact the SEO Flatrate team 01202 911141 or email the office, we are here Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

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