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Frequently Asked Questions

Wow, that's a lot of information to take in right? So we have compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions below for you. However, if you do not find what you were looking for here, please contact us. The below information is meant for guidance only, it is not legally binding and subject to change at any time. For a list of our terms and conditions, please visit our terms of service page.  

 01  Do you follow SEO safe practices?

Yes, we only practice white hat SEO and follow the latest Google Panda, Penguin updates & Hummingbird algorithm.

 02  How do I know which SEO service is best suited to my website?

We understand that every website is unique, so if you are new to SEO, or need some advice choosing the right service, our support team is here to help. We offer a wide range of services suitable for both new and well established websites. We would discuss your objectives with you in detail and once we know what you want to achieve, we will carry out a free website audit to see how well you are doing and what else needs to be done to meet your objectives. Our team will then help you choose the right keywords and SEO services needed, to get your website noticed and achieve your goals. Call us today, or send us an email and we will gladly call you back.


 03  When will my order start?

All SEO & social media orders will start within 24 hours unless placed outside of our open office hours being Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm. If orders are placed over the weekend, these will be given priority on the following Monday over new orders placed on the day. All website development or hosting services will require a free service consultation prior to service start, where a clear timetable will be set.

 04  Do I need to sign a contract for any of your services?

No, here at SEO Flatrate we do not believe in contracts or tie-ins. We believe if a customer is happy with our services, they will continue to use them. All our services are based on a "pay as you go" model and our clients are free to leave at any time we cant be fairer than that can we? please see our terms of service page for a detailed overview of all our terms & conditions.




 05  When will my service expire?

Most of our SEO, social media services run for 30 days, however, as you are the customer please feel free to tell us otherwise.You will however receive a confirmation email once your service starts and If you require ongoing services we recommend asking about our "recurring payment" facility.that can be cancelled at any time.

 06  Do you guarantee sales or signups if I order SEO services?

Sorry no, we do not guarantee sales or sign ups as a result of ordering our SEO services. We do however guarantee to provide full proofs of all our services for piece of mind as part of 100% satisfaction guarantee.

 07  Do you offer reduced pricing for multiple orders?

Yes we do, we have a "buy 5 and get one free" service on all SEO services & web traffic and social media services, to qualify for this offer all 5 services must be purchased at the same time*. *All web design, hosting and reduced services are excluded from this and other offers unless specifically mentioned.

 08  What is included with the Rent-a-Website unlimited hosting plan?

Our unlimited hosting plan applies to our Rent-A-Website Services only and includes unlimited wider bandwidth, 10 GB of bigger storage, a free domain name, free domain migration services, Seo Flatrate premium support & free £75 Google Adwords Voucher.

 09  What is included with the Rent-a-Website standard hosting plan?

Our standard hosting plan applies to our rent-a-website Services includes only and includes 2GB of wider bandwidth, 3 GB of bigger storage, premium support & free domain migration services.

10  How does Rent-a-Website work?

​Rent-a-website is a fully managed pay as you go website service, it allows customers to rent an all inclusive managed website as an alternative to having to purchase, host and manage one themselves. Rent a website can supply of all your website needs without expensive upfront charges, complicated tech talk or sales jargon. Here at SEO Flatrate we have several rent a website services for our customers to choose from, each offering tailored services to suit our customers needs and differ depending on the level of service taken out. Services could include the supply of domain names (website address) web design and build service, on-page SEO and keyword research, web hosting, business email, monthly website and sitemap updates, Google indexing and analytics reporting. There are no contracts needed, so our customers can choose to up-grade, down-grade or cancel the service at any time giving just 30 days notice. Please note that in line with our terms of payment work will not start until the first months payment has been made in full, the design process is part and parcel of the monthly ongoing service. On average customers can expect the Rent A Website design and consultation process to take around two months to complete, however completion may take longer depending on the size and complexity of the website desired. For further information on Rent A Website Services please email the SEO Flatrate support team who will gladly help with any further questions you may have alternatively please call the office on 01202 911141 for a free no obligation consultation. Rent A Website Services are not restricted to UK customers, you will not own the website..  

11  What is included with the Startup Plan?

The Startup Plan statement refers to the design, implementation and rental of a bespoke single page website. Specifically designed with start-up businesses in mind.  Customers requiring a website with more than one page should visit our Rent a Website Services where you will find a number of bespoke packages to suit your business requirements.  For more information and advice, please contact the support team on 01202 911141.

12   Unlimited Pages* what does that actually mean?​

The Website Unlimited pages statement refers to a fair usage of up a maximum of 12 web pages. Those customers requiring more than 12 pages may have as many pages added to their website as they desire however additional pages will be subject to an additional charge of £0.50 per page per month but can be more depending on the level of work involved. Should your website require more than 12 pages then we can agree a monthly charge in advance.


13  What does up-front service provider mean?

SEO Flatrate has been trading as an upfront service provider since 2012, what this means is, that the services that we provide to our customers must be paid for in full and upfront (in advance) of any works commencing or being carried out on their behalf. Being an upfront services provider allows SEO Flatrate to focus on delivering market-leading digital services for our customers reducing the time spent chasing outstanding payments for services we have already delivered. Being an upfront services provider enables us to keep the cost of services down for all our customers whilst increasing overall output and productivity.   

14  Where can I read the SEO Flatrate terms of service page?

The link to our Terms of service page can be found within the footer section of each page on our website alternatively, you can read them here Terms of Service

15  How does professional email hosting work?

If you already own a domain, we will set you up a professional email service and host it upon our Bournemouth based servers. We will set everything up for you at no charge and provide you with the needed passwords and login details for you to access your email via our web-services. Our basic plan costs just £3.95 per month and includes 2 email accounts of your choice, so depending on your domain prefix you could have a personalised email address like " or "" plus two further accounts just like"" or "" for example. For further information on our hosting service please contact the support team on 01202 911141 

16  Does SEO Flatrate offer reseller agreements?

Yes, SEO Flatrate currently supplies several SEO & Marketing Agencies throughout the UK with our bespoke SEO and Marketing services as part of a white label service. All SEO Flatrate services can be rebranded and be delivered under your own company logo as if they had been completed by yourselves. If you are interested in hearing more about an SEO Flatrate white label reseller agreement or if you would like to hear more about our SEO Flatrate UK wide postcode franchise opportunities please contact a member of the services team on 01202 911141 or send an email to providing us with a name and contact number.   

17  What guarantee will I get with the Bespoke Backlink Service?

Our Bespoke SEO Pack costs £450.00 per month, it is our flagship SEO service for SME's and comes with a SERP improvement guarantee for at least one of your provided keywords. With this service, you can provide our team with up to 8 keywords of your choice relating to your business, your business niche and or its proximity. SEO Flatrate will then add these keywords to your new campaign for you and then guarantee to increase the rank as part of the service or we work for free until we do. We are extremely confident that we will be able to rank all of your chosen keywords within the top pages of Google, however, the guarantee provided is specifically relating to 1 (one) of your supplied keywords improving in the rankings on Google (Search Engine). In order to avoid even the slightest possibility of any misunderstanding, should we fail to improve the ranking of one of your 8 keywords on Google, the guarantee will cover for SEO Flatrate to continue to work on your behalf at no additional charge until such time we achieve an improved result for at least one of the provided keywords. The Guarantee does not relate to nor imply, that a refund of any kind will be made and we want to make this point very clear as it is not a "money-back guarantee" of any kind. Should you need any further information on our Bespoke Backlink Services please contact a member of the service team on 01202 911141 or send an email to providing us with a name and contact number prior to placing your order.   

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