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Instagram API update

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Many of you out there will be using an Instagram feed on your websites, but did you know that on March the 31st 2020, Instagram will be changing its existing API from (Basic) to (Graph).

This means many of you who have migrated to the new API will need to reconnect your Instagram accounts so that the new API can work, if you do not reconnect before March 31, your current Instagram feed may not appear on your website.

What is an API and why do I need it?

API stands for "Application Program Interface" and it allows apps to talk to and function with Instagram, for example many of our clients request to have an Instagram feed on their website to showcase photos of works they have undertaken. The Instagram API allows for the feed to

communicate with the live account and to feed the information through to their website.

If you want to find out more about the API update and how it may affect you and your business, you can find out more on the Instagram developer page here.

If you are planning on integrating your Instagram account to your website, why not reach out to a member of the SEO Flatrate team, you can do this by calling our head office on 01202 911141 or by emailing the Support team here.

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