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Keywords and why you need them?

Talented marketing team researching keywords

Search engine optimisation (SEO) involves a wide range of activities including link building, forum and article posting, blog posting, image optimisation, website responsiveness, website load speeds, content management, meta descriptions, title tags, site headings and the use of keywords on web pages etc.

Now improving the content of your website and adding meta tags requires you to have a basic knowledge of keywords and how to use them effectively, then these can be added to your website content as part of your on-page SEO. Keywords play a very important role and should be considered carefully before adding content, so you could consider the use of keywords to be the foundation of any SEO strategy.

Importance of keywords for SEO explained:

Keywords are important for SEO because they reflect the search terms used that your targeted audience may be using to find your products and/or services. Few people would know of your business, domain name or the products and/or services you are providing if it was not for the use of search terms. Search terms allow people to find your website based on the search results without having to have heard of you before.

Establishing a link between those searching and those that are selling is vital for the growth of the internet but how do businesses get found exactly?

The answer to this is keywords. Have you ever used a search engine such as Google? Then you might be aware that to find relevant pages for your needs you need to enter a search term. For example, if you are looking for SEO companies in Poole then you may type ‘Best SEO company in Poole’ into the search engine.

Search terms like this, used whilst searching for a product or service on the search engines are otherwise referred to as keywords. Search engines match these terms with relevant content found on websites and the content they consider to be most relevant to the search is displayed in the search results, otherwise known as SERPs or search engine rank position. The keywords on your web page and the relevance of the content within it determines your SERP and for that reason it should be considered carefully as part of your marketing strategy.

Keyword research:

As keywords are very important, research is paramount. If you have little or no experience in using keyword research services, then you may end up targeting the wrong keywords and missing out on delivering traffic to your website.

Although the thought of keyword research may seem quite daunting to most, it is not such a complicated thing to do if you have a clear understanding of what it is you are trying to achieve. It will include researching and finding specific search phrases and/or words that you consider your audience will be using, in order to search for information related to your products and services. You must also pay attention to the relative local and global search volumes and keyword competition. Keyword research is not a single step process and involves a series of activities that are linked together. It is important to research the correct keywords for your business niche in order to bring your website to the forefront of search results on Google and the other major search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

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