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The Power of Video Marketing

If a picture says more than a thousand words, then a video does away with the need for words altogether. The modern concept of marketing has very much changed with the introduction of video. Though this concept is not a new one, it has grown exponentially over the last 5 years to become one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available, with social video posts generating around 1200% more shares than both text and image post combined!

In fact, SEO Flatrate; an award-winning UK based online marketing agency go one step further, predicting that video will one day replace the need for a website altogether, then who wants to spend time scrolling through a website when they can watch it and experience it in full HD.

Below we have collated the top 5 reasons why you should be adopting video as part of your online marketing campaign:

(1) Increased engagement rate: Video marketing will increase your viewer engagement rates for your business and products. This could mean anything up-to 80% more engagement by using video marketing.

(2) Video makes products more exciting: When you use video, it brings your products and services alive. Never has there been a better reason to showcase your products and services online.

(3) SEO for your website: A good video will most definitely increase your SERP (search engine rank position) then not only are videos loved by the search engines they tend to rank well too. In fact, it has been said that your website is 53% more likely to rank on page #1 of Google if there is a video on the landing page. Embedding video in your SEO strategy will certainly increase your visibility on the web but will also help you deliver more traffic to your website too.

(4) More entertaining than text or photos: Surely you find a video more appealing than a picture or a document, that we can all agree on. But guess what, not only do we all agree on this fact, but the statistics prove this time and time again.

(5) Video can deliver the message efficiently: Lastly, a video as a marketing concept simply gets the message across quicker and more efficiently.

In summary, video marketing has the power to captivate and motivate large audiences, if you need any help with video marketing contact your local SEO agency for details.

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