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Do Startups benefit from rent a website services

Rent a Website Services for Startups- SEO Flatrate, SEO Poole, SEO Bournemouth

When an idea develops into a business opportunity, this is commonly referred to as a startup business or "startup" for short.

However, there is one thing that all startups have in common; they all require an online presence in the form of a blog or website, for example, to share and promote their products and services for others to buy.

Creating a new website can be a stressful experience, many startups may even consider trying to build their own website to keep the costs down, alternatively they may decide to hire an experienced web designer or web development company to help bring their business ideas to life for them. However, web designers and developers can be very expensive and sometimes the cost of these services can be very vague or unclear, raising the risk of encountering hidden charges that may not have been taken into consideration within the initial business plan and could prove fatal to a small startup with a limited budget.

For that reason, many startups and small to medium businesses today are choosing to embrace new and more modern ways of working such as ‘Rent a website’ services. Rent a website services remove the need for risk and binding contracts, so they are ideally suited to startups and small to medium sized businesses today.

Rent a Website's provide a totally 100% scalable online service offering, removing the need for minimum term agreements and providing a clear and transparent pricing model from the offset. There are no hidden charges whatsoever with Rent a website services and they provide a tailored approach to meeting the needs of any modern-day business looking to keep running costs to a minimum whilst remaining 100% flexible in their approach. Startup businesses can also benefit from the product scalability of a Rent a website offering, as they allow businesses to upgrade their services when business is on the up and downgrade them again should times get tough.

Startups who choose to rent their website instead of going down the old-fashioned route of hiring in a web designer and/or developer will benefit as there are no hidden charges and they can rely on an expert team to carry out all the work for them on their behalf, allowing them to concentrate on running a business and not worrying about their cash flow.

Rent a Website services should include the cost of the website build, website hosting, On-page SEO, monthly updates and a time bank for any monthly changes needed, the charges vary and can start from as little as £9.99 per month depending on the level of service required. Rent a website services should also be easily upgraded to include other services such as professional email, Search Engine Optimisation, XML sitemaps and more.

Why keeping the cost of development down is so important?

Building a website for your startup business could end up costing thousands of pounds and once you add up all the additional charges for possible changes needed to complete them this can easily spiral out of control. Bear in mind, that you may need to pay additional charges for on-page SEO or hidden services charges if the service over runs, or last-minute changes are required. It is also worth bearing in mind that updates and backups can at times be very time-consuming depending on the size of the website, so when taking out such services these should always be included as part of the project.

Key benefits of a Rent a Website service:

  1. 100% transparency, just one monthly charge to cater for all your needs

  2. 100% scalable to suit your business model

  3. No contracts or minimum term

  4. No hidden charges for hosting, backups or on-page SEO

  5. Expert team of professional web designers on call

  6. Personal account manager

SEO Flatrate provides a wide range of services for all types of online businesses throughout the UK and for most English speaking countries globally. We offer bespoke consultation for startups as well as established businesses. We can assist you in securing your domain name for your new business idea. Feel free to contact us today for a free consultation and to help you get your business off the ground.

If you would like to hear more about our services please contact the SEO Flatrate team 01202 911141 or email the office, we are here Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

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