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SEO Flatrate 2022 Hidden Christmas Tree Bonanza!

The 2022 SEO Flatrate 'Christmas Tree Bonanza' is back!

It's Christmas again and what a year it has been, we have been chased yet again for our Christmas offers and as in every year before this one, we will, of course, be running the SEO Flatrate Christmas Tree Bonanza!

Last year was again a successful Christmas tree bonanza, with over 100 applicants looking to win the main prize and to cash in on a free SEO Flatrate Search Engine Optimisation service for their online business. Last years prize was won by the Southampton based CBD Company "".

For all those who have never heard of the SEO Flatrate Christmas Tree Bonanza, it is now time for you to pull your socks up and pay attention :-).

If you don't own your own business maybe you know of someone with an online business who is desperately looking to get noticed on the Search Engines this will make a fantastic Christmas present!

So what is The SEO Flatrate Christmas Tree Bonanza you ask?

Well, it is all a bit of fun and games to be honest, we have all heard of "Where's Wally" right? Well instead of hunting down Wally, this time you are hunting for the SEO Flatrate Christmas tree, located somewhere on our website.

So where have we hidden the Christmas tree and can anyone take part??

Well, this year as every other year, we have taken the time to hide an SEO Flatrate "Christmas tree" somewhere on our website! We won't tell you where it is, that would be cheating right!

The winner can be a person or a company, all you need to do is to tell us exactly where the Christmas tree is hidden on our website. The winner takes it all here at the Christmas Tree Bonanza and we will put all applicants in to a hat and pick one lucky winner, the results will be announced on our social media platforms in January 2023!!

Anyone can take part, you don't need to be a customer the rules are simple and very rewarding for anyone who needs Search Engine Optimisation for their website, blog or video.

What is SEO?

Please take a look at some of our other blogs or simply click here to find out more about how SEO can help you grow your business and drive more potential customers to your website.

How do I notify you when I have found the SEO Flatrate Christmas Tree?

Simply contact us, letting us know who you are and where the Christmas tree is hidden, we will reply in the New Year and let you know that we have received your suggestion.

The winner will be announced on our social media accounts in January 2023.

So without further delay, let the 2022 SEO Flatrate Christmas Tree Bonanza games begin!

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