Is my website SEO ready?

SEO Ready Websites-on page SEO-by SEO Flatrate

Designing a website with your brand in mind is challenging at the best of times, on-page SEO is time-consuming, but if followed out correctly you will get the intended results on the search engines. Did you know that carrying out search engine optimisation (SEO) is of little or no use if your website is not set up correctly to allow the search engines to find and identify your content as relevant?

One question you need to be asking yourself is: “Is my website SEO ready?”

We have listed 6 additional questions below that you need to be asking yourself and your website designer when creating or updating a website for your business.

1. Is your website domain name user-friendly: be sure to have an SEO-friendly URL that has a keyword or keyword phrase within it, make sure the URL makes sense and describes what the webpage is all about. This is both good for the search engines to identify its purpose and to rank it accordingly, but this is also beneficial for its users who are searching for the products or services.

Keep it simple, easy to read, and if possible, make it easy to remember.


a) Experiment with Keyword-only URL’s these have proven to be easier to rank. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, so remember what applies today, may not necessarily apply in the future. (December 2018).

b) Avoid using non-readable or default assigned URL’s, if the URL makes no sense to a human being, it simply won’t perform as well as if it was in a readable format.

2. Make sure the keywords used are appropriate to the cause: You will need to use the keywords that can be related to your product, service o