How To Grow Your Business With Video Marketing.

Did you know that Facebook generates over 8 billion video views on an average day? The demand for video is increasing and now is the time to get involved! Marketing agencies like SEO Flatrate would like to show you how to divert some of that traffic to your website and how to turn consumers in to paying clients!

However lets do it right first time... Remember when everyone became a blogger back in 2016 and 2017, well 2018 digital trends are showing that video is set to be ten fold more infuencial in the coming years.

So how do you use video effectively to grow your business and reach new potential cliets? How do you create videos people can engage with? How do you measure your sucess? Here are a few ways you can start using video in your marketing to grow your business in the coming years. Scoot Headline Award Winners 2016


As a marketer, I like video marketing stats, so here is the fist one for you did you know that social video generates around 1200% more shares than both text and images posts combined! Use social media to your advantage t