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"Bespoke Shed Company"

In July of 2018 The Bespoke Shed Company was founded by a Salisbury based handyman with a true passion for woodwork and the outdoors. We quickly realised that this startup business was grown out of a love for design.and working with natuaral products. When we were approached Poole based "SEO Flatrate with his request to host and Design a brand new Website..At the top of the list of priorities was to get found online Andrew wanted a brand new website he was looking for a personal touch and needed advice on websites and hosting. After the initial consultation it was decided that our all inclusive Pro Rent A Website Service was the right choice as it offered all of the above without the need for contracts or minimum term agreements.

This is what Andrew from The Bespoke Shed Company had to say.

" Back In January of 2018 I decided to make it my lifetime project to use my acquired skills and knowledge to assist and facilitate my interest in outdoor spaces as often as humanly possible, by conicidence I started working alongside a professional shed building company constructing factory built sheds and out buildings. It did not take long for me to recognise a gap in the market for those who required sheds very specific to suit their needs. I found it strange that they were unable to find what they are looking for no matter how hard they tried. ​I have always had some design and realisation project on the go, I am a self-taught Carpenter so I thought I would take on my own clients and build something wonderful, something bespoke and so Bespoke Sheds was born simply out of the demand for something that was not available and a personal desire to create it myself.​The most significant lesson I have learnt working in the industry is the importance for any business to fully understand the customers desires, needs and requirements. I truly believe I have a natural ablity to understand and create something special, something truly unique, let's just call it bespoke."