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Picture This, Dorset Wedding Photographer Heads For Top Spot.

Libra Photographic Bournemouth wedding photographers

Back in February of 2018 Libra photographic approached Dorset based "SEO Flatrate in search of increasing their “Search Engine Rank Position" (SERP) for their company Website.

Being a specialist Dorset wedding photographer "Libra photographic" were looking to increase their visibility using "Search Engine Optimisation" otherwise know as SEO to establish a better position on the search engines for their chosen keywords. We have only been working with Libra now for just a few Months and the positive results are already making a real difference in the enquiries for wedding photographers in Dorset they have had have had dramatically. We look forward to working with Libra Photographic and also supporting them with their SEO & Marketing needs moving forward.

This is what the business owner of Libra Photograpic Nathan had to say.

"In 1999 my cousin, Dianne, married her soulmate. I was asked to photograph her wedding, fresh out of college with a couple of years of professional photography under my belt.

I had more butterflies in my tummy than the groom I had to get it right, no digital previews it was on film, or I’d never live it down in the family. Little did I know that day would influence the rest of my career.

I realised I have a knack for blending in with strangers as I have a social personality. In April 2000 Libra Photographic, the new Dorset wedding photographer, was born, the millennium was a time when I, and many others, felt a new beginning was needed and I’ve never looked back. At your wedding I am viewed as one of your guests, laughing with your nan, blowing raspberries at the children, even dancing on the dance floor to get those late night shots.

I love my job and I’m told it shows. Weddings are the perfect playground to document the full range of human emotion, and I approach each wedding as a photojournalist to capture all its uniqueness.

I consider myself a thief and I am proud of that. I steal moments from weddings and immortalise them for you, forever. My service as a photographer might be my job, but my passion for the work I do is my gift to you.

Please visit the website today for further information at or read our many testimonials here."

SEO Flatrate provide a wide range of marketing services for all types of online businesses throughout the UK and for most English speaking countries globally. We offering bespoke consultation for keywords including Key-phrase research for both new and well established businesses. We can also reserve, secure and manage your desired domain name for a new website & provide professional email services. SEO Flatrate provide both web design and Rent-A-Website services, professional email and hosting for all of the above on our own servers based in Bournemouth.

"Libra photographic" asked SEO Flatrate to help them increase their visibility on the internet, Now we have achieved this we look forward to a continued working relationship with them and supporting their SEO & Marketing needs moving forward.

If you would like to hear more about our services please contact the SEO Flatrate team 01202 911141 or email the office, we are here Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

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