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Bournemouth Dry Cleaners Choose Rent A Website From SEO Flatrate


2018 sees the launch of the brand new website for Bournemouth based Swedish Dry Cleaners after over 30 years of running his business without any online presence the Swedish Dry Cleaners of Bournemouth approached Dorset based "SEO Flatrate" with the request to consult on creating and building a modern website that was simple in its functionality to provide upto date and relevent information to it's customers on upcoming and ongoing offers as clusive pricelist for services delivered as facility as well as Web and Email hosting services, Business Email Services. After the initial consultation it was decided that the all inclusive Rent-A-Website Platinum plan was the right choice as it offered all of the above services and more without any contracts commitment or minimum term aggrement.

This is what the businenes owner Robbert had this to say.

"Swedish Dry Cleaners is a family run professional dry cleaning company based in the heart of Moordown Bournemouth, we have been trading from the same store at 751 Wimborne Road sinse 1979. When we started out, the internet did not even excist so having a website had never crossed our mind, it was only when customers starting asking if we had a price list online I knew we needed to go online. At first we were not quite sure what the costs would be as we had found that pricing varied no matter where we looked and the information available to us online was inconclusive to say the least. When we spoke to the team at SEO Flatrate they were really helpful and were able to explain everything to us in detail, so that it all made sense to rent a website instead of having to pay fro the design and build up front. We now have a great website at an all-inclusive price that includes our hosting charges, email and any changes we need to make each month. It really is as simple as we had hoped it would be and it provides our clients with everything they have asked us for too. On top of all the obvios benefits, there were no contracts to sign or service agreements that we were bound by so the service could be cancelled at any time. As your local dry cleaning company we take great pride in providing the highest quality care when handling clothing and accessories but we also need to make sure we remain competative so that we can continue to offer a great service to our customers, Rent a Website allows us to do this."

Visit the brand new website today

SEO Flatrate provide a wide range of services for all types of online businesses throughout the UK and for most English speaking countries globally. Offering bespoke consultation for keywords and Key-phrase research for both new and well established businesses we can reserve and secure desired domain names for websites & email services. We provide both web design and Rent-A-Website services, professional email and hosting for all of the above on our own servers based in Bournemouth.

"Swedish Dry Cleaners" asked SEO Flatrate for the Rent-A-Website service & ongoing Search Engine Optimisation including Business Email Services with Hosting. We look forward to working with them and supporting their SEO & Marketing needs moving forward.

If you would like to hear more about our services please contact the SEO Flatrate team 01202 911141 or email the office, we are here Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

t. 01202 911141


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