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Dorset Based SEO Agency Launches brand new SEO Package for Startups

The Starter Package Image From SEO Flatrate Bournemouth

The award winning Bournemouth Based online Marketing Agency SEO Flatrate launch a brand new SEO package specifically designed for Startup websites and websites that are new to Search Engine Optimisation. The Starter Package is ideal for startup websites and those new to SEO and delivers natural links with relevant content and relevant Images on High Authority Sites.

Such High metric Backlinks will definitely boost your SERP Guaranteed!

All links are pinged and submitted through for super fast indexing.

So why does your website need SEO??

Well see it is like making your favourite cake, it is only your favourite cake because it meets all of your criteria to put it there right?(The recipe) , the right amount of sugar, the right amount of flour, the right amount of eggs and milk and the right amount of time in the oven right?!

Well Google and the other Search Engines also have a favourite recipe, basically that they expect your website to meet in order for them to rank your website higher in the SERP (SEO)!

So let's stick to the analogy of the cake recipe and compare it to your website, are you sure it has the right amount of unique content and anchor text links? Does it have the right load speeds and have you pointed out to the search engines what your site is actually about and added your Alt Tags?? Have you considered your keywords / keyphrases and If so, are they the right keyphrases for your website or are they too highly contended? Have you checked that they align with the description tags and page / site titles??


Don't worry, then SEO Flatrate have no idea how to bake a cake, but they sure know the recipe for Search Engine Optimisation. So if you have a new website or if you are planning on starting your own business now or in the near future, take a good look at our website or call us for a free consultation.

If you would like to hear more about our services please contact the SEO Flatrate team 01202 911141 or email the office, we are here Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

t. 01202 911141


Scoot Headline Award - Winners 2016 - SEO Flatrate Bournemouth

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