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Does my website need SEO

Watch this above video to find out why every online business needs Citation Services

What good is having the best website in the world if nobody can find it? The reality is it is not worth much at all. Most of us own a car, right? But when you bought your car, your already new you needed to put fuel in to it to make it move! Imagine just for one second that your website is now the car given in the example above, now how on earth do you want to drive your website up the search engine rankings without adding fuel?

So to make it easy to understand Citations should be seen a Rocket Fuel for your website and is most certainly right up there with the most important aspects of SEO your website will ever need!

Basically, if you do just one thing and one thing only to drive potential clients to your website it surely must be Professional Citations!

So how do citations work exactly?

Well citations will provide quality do-follow back-links leading directly to your website from some of the most highest ranking directories on the planet!

The simple logic is, if your website is not ranking high enough on the search engines now, then you need to get your website noticed on those that are! You see a Citation Service when done correctly will allow potential clients to find you on the search engines this includes everything you want them to know about your business; including your social media accounts and links to such, your YouTube Videos and of course a link directly to your own website!

So its very simple really, a professional Citations Service will get your website noticed and help drive those clients to your website from day one and unlike newspaper adverts and flyer drops that often get thrown away, Citations Services remain active until you remove them and will help get your business noticed 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!

The video above will explain everything you need to know about Professional Citation Services in less that a minute!

If you would like to hear more about Professional Citations Services here in the UK or for websites in the US, please contact Bournemouth's award winning SEO Flatrate.

Phone 01202 911141



We're here to help.

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