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Top Google Searches in 2016

Pokémon Go & The iPhone 7 outranked Donald Trump,Prince

& Powerball in 2016!

The results are in, Google has released a variety of its top search trends for 2016 ranking everything from top searches overall to the most searched people and global news stories throughout the year.

The most popular search on Google in 2016 was Pokémon Go, followed by iPhone 7 and Donald Trump. The No. 1 search term hit its peak however in July at the height of the Pokémon Go phenomena.

Prince’s sudden death on April 21 pushed the pop artist into the top five most searched terms for the year. “Powerball” also made the top five after the biggest lottery drawing in US history happened back in January of 2016.

Google has released nine global search trends lists — ranking everything from the top searches overall to the most searched people and global news stories.

The top 10 most popular search terms across the globe involved a mix of tech trends, famous people, movies and 2016 news events.

1st place goes to: Pokémon Go

2nd place to: iPhone 7

3rd place goes to: Donald Trump

4th place goes to: Prince

5th place goes to: Powerball

6th place goes to: David Bowie

7th place goes to: Deadpool

8th place goes to: Olympics

9th place goes to:

10th place went to: Suicide Squad

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