Google Reiterates: "We Don't Use Social Media For Ranking"

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There is a misunderstanding about how social media and SEO work together, Google keep telling us that social media does affect the search rank, however nobody seems to understand how.

Social visibility is only achieved by being active, so creating and posting great content that shares quickly is most definitively a step in the right direction but only gets half the job done. Dont simply schedule standardised posts to go out across all social networks, because we believe this simply wont work.


The SEO link to Social Media is not just about creating and posting unique content, it’s about promoting that content so that it achieves results.

Remember Google reiterated only yesterday 07.06.2016, that they do not use Social Media to rank your website, so you might just want to think about the following 10 points when planning your social media posts so you know where to invest your efforts get the best SEO results moving forward.

1. Google does not directly factor in social signals, however rest assured it does not ignore them either. It’s the results we SEOs are looking for from social sharing, not the rank. for example the organic reach and user engagement.

2. Having “social presence” won't increase your pagerank.

However unique and engaging content, activity and response will lead to increased visibility and as a positive result also links it is exactly these links that will help you achieve a higher rank (SERP) over time.

3. The amount of followers, connecti