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ICS Legal Choose Seoflatrate

Announcing the latest addition to our professional client portfolio of specialist online service providers.

In March of 2016, the London based Immigration & Visa Specialists ICS Legal approached our Award Winning Bournemouth based Seoflatrate team looking to grow their online business through a targeted search engine optimisation campaign tailored specifically to suit the requirements of the company.

About ICS Legal:

As exclusive practitioners of immigration law, ICS Legal is able to dedicate extensive resources to monitoring legislative and regulatory developments, as well as process and policy developments. Our “Latest Legal” – our blog and “News Page” are always updated with important changes. It is one of the main reasons why ICS Legal are involved in key discussions, invited to key conferences and engagement on job fairs. We leverage our insights so that our clients can anticipate and proactively prepare for impending changes.

At ICS Legal we tailor the representation and the service model to fit the needs of the client. And we try to be a strategic partner with the clients, as we avoid being reactive. Many of the firms in our field look upon their role are to execute legal matters which are handed off to them by their client. As opposed to trying to work with the client as a partner to be able to plan for the future and set up a very viable model that enhances service delivery. It's a very highly organised model, but it requires very close cooperation with the client. At the core of the practice is one underlying goal, and that is to provide clients the opportunity to provide both strategic and good immigration advice to our clients.

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