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Southampton Based "Journey Into Silence" Launch Brand New Website.

Martin McHugh Journey Into Silence Creator

SEO Flatrate Bournemouth are pleased to support the "Journey Into Silence" with both Responsive Website Design & Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing Services:

In October of 2017 Mr "Martin McHugh" of Southampton approached Dorset Based SEO Flatrate with the request to create a specialised website experience that provides a "Six Week Journey into Silence" promoting a healthy and prosperous way of life. At the top of the list of priorities was a website like no other we have ever done before as Martin wanted a plain audio visual experience without gimmicks, flash looks or even a modern day feel. It was to be as basic dare we say plain as possible, to ensure it would not distract from from the true meaning of the "Journey Into Silence".

We spoke to the creator of the journey Into Silence Mr Martin McHugh who gave us the following statement:

"The Journey into silence did not actually come from me, it came through me! Once I had finally “let go” of the fears and delusions of my conditioned mind, the silent God within me awakened and flooded my still mind, with the bliss and peace of divine absolute intelligence. The Journey Into Silence is not a business, it is a way of life, we all have the ability to live a healthy life free from all stress and anxiety, without the need for financial worry or fear. It has taken me more than 20 years to create the Journey Into Silence it is the most important thing you will ever do in this, or any other incarnation.If you or any of your family are sick, or have a disease or suffer with mental problems - there is no need to suffer anymore!"

To learn more about Martin McHugh and the "Six Week Journey" Into Silence visit the website today here.

SEO Flatrate provide a wide range of services and advice for all types of online businesses throughout the UK and for most English speaking countries globally. Offering bespoke consultation for keywords and Key-phrase research for both new and well established businesses we can reserve and secure desired domain names for websites & email services. We provide both web design and Rent-A-Website services, professional email and hosting for all of the above on our own servers based in Bournemouth.

"Martin McHugh" asked SEO Flatrate to build a website to allow as many people as possible to experience and live the Journey Into Silence as possible. We look forward to working with Martin and supporting their SEO & Marketing needs moving forward.

If you would like to hear more about our services please contact the SEO Flatrate team 01202 911141 or email the office, we are here Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

t. 01202 911141


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